Theoretical Approaches

The Chapters of this Part are a selection of essays to support us in our work this semester.  Please read and annotate these chapters via hypothesis before class on Tuesday February 2nd.  These include:

1.  Simone de Beauvoir’s “Introduction: Woman as Other” from The Second Sex (1949/1952)

2.  Audre Lorde’s “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” 1984

3.  Shelley Haley’s “Be Not Afraid of the Dark” (2009)

4.  Margo Hendricks’ “Coloring the Past, Rewriting Our Future: RaceB4Race” (2019).

5.  Luna Castelli’s “Introduction to Critical Race Theory and Counter-Storytelling”

6.  Jesi Egan’s “Abusing Foucault: How Conservatives and Liberals Misunderstand “Social Construct” Sexuality” (2014)


Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Copyright © by Jody Valentine. All Rights Reserved.

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