106 Workshop Twelve: Creative Reflections

In our workshop today, we will focus on two parts of your portfolio: your Pressbook contributions and your aims.  Total Workshop Time: 75 minutes

Please begin by checking in briefly.  Most of this workshop is self-reflective, so for now please just do a quick five-minute hello and settling in together.

Part One: Our Pressbook (25 minutes)



Please begin by taking about ten minutes to independently review (1) your own Pressbook contributions from the semester and (2) your colleagues hypothes.is comments on them, with the following invitation (from your portfolio assignment) in mind:

Pressbook contributions : development and publication : Describe the process of developing and publishing your contributions to Pressbook.  Did you encounter hurdles, struggles, or challenges?  How did you work through them? Did you explore various media? What was it like for you to develop your authorial voice in this way?  What are you most proud of in the work that you did?

Please reconvene with your group and take turns sharing out what each of you are most proud of and why.  (10 minutes)

Try to summarize or characterize, as a group, what you feel that you have learned and accomplished through your pressbook contributions this semester.  (5 minutes)

Course aims : Review the aims detailed in this Course Information and look back at your notes from the first workshop (plus your Author Introduction).  Reflect on how effectively and purposefully you worked toward (a) the course aims and (b) your own aims in this course.



Part Two: Creative Reflections [35 minutes]

For your last chapter in our Pressbook, you are asked to post a reflective response to the semester.  In this last part of our final workshop together, you are invited to begin imagining these reflections.

Please begin by reviewing the two chapters of our Pressbook on storytelling and counter-narrative: Chapter 62 and Chapter 67.  (10 minutes)

Please discuss:  How have the frameworks of storytelling, counter-narrative, and creative reflection worked for you this semester, both in your pressbook contributions but also in your study-group and workshop discussions?  (5 minutes)

Is there a way in which you might describe our course as a shared experience?  Please try.  Does our work together over the semester have a story?  What are the themes of that experience and what would you include in a narrative that describes it?  Or would you choose a medium other than narrative to articulate this experience, as you understand it?  (10 minutes)

Please work independently now to free-write a response to the question: In what ways have I contributed to our shared experience, (counter) narrative, and creative work this semester?  (5 minutes)

Hopefully, your responses to these questions will serve as the roots of your Creative Response post in our pressbook.  In the last few minutes of your workshop, please discuss your ideas for your final posts.  (5 minutes)


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