70 Memories to long for

By: Camille Molas


Looking back in the semester, the word that kept coming to me was theme. Even if we did not intend to create or focus on these themes, they have profoundly impacted me. I wanted to capture all that we learned and discussed this semester. This collage is meant to serve as a reminder of all the hard work and effort the class exerted to make each of our time so fruitful. While we were intellectually challenged and pushed, we also spent many times laughing and enjoying one another’s company. I learned from all of your incredible minds and felt all the support you’ve shared. Years from now I’d like to look back at this collage and let it serve as a memory of this amazing part of my life. Thank you friends and thank you, Jody!


Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Copyright © by Jody Valentine. All Rights Reserved.

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