73 Cy Reflection — the odyssey of analysis

GSAG 2021 was a new type of class for me in a couple different ways as both my first classics class and my first class involving gender and sexuality. It was also a foray into a new type of critical analysis for me: the counter narrative. Applying fiction and creative storytelling to class texts was an entirely new experience. Up until this class I had only analyzed academic media through a strictly non-fiction, scholastic lens — by which I mean writing essays. Allowing myself to engage with fiction by creating more fiction was completely new and I was surprised by how easily ideas came. This seemed to be the case for everyone else as well as I was always blown away by how creative everyone in the class was, and simultaneously inspired as well. Something I really enjoyed about the workshops and study groups meetings I was a part of was that the conversations and plannings of group-constructed narratives rarely backtracked. We tended to accept each idea as it came and adapt to it, rather than getting hung up on details. Firstly, this made for a very welcoming environment where every idea would be helpful and appreciated, and secondly, it meant that our discussions felt like watching a stream flow — always in motion, changing as necessary, and sometimes ending up in unexpected places. If I was to compare this experience to any of the media that we discussed this semester, the clearest metaphor would be of The Odyssey. There are some differences, namely we all enjoyed our journey together a great deal more than Odysseus and his companions did, but regardless, we found ourselves comfortably adrift on the sea of discussion and creativity, taking turns with the oars and enjoying the ride. I greatly enjoyed this trip with everyone and can’t imagine having done it in any other way. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful semester, and for helping me realize how powerful fiction as a tool of analysis can be!


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