6 Cy Hannahs

My name is Cy Hannahs (short for Cynthia), and I use she/her pronouns. I’m in my third year at Scripps and I’m a Geology major. I’m new to a lot of things in this course! Since switching to the STEM track, I haven’t spent as much time composing essays or writing creatively, so I’m excited to dust off those skills this semester, rusty though they probably are. While I read D’aulaires Book of Greek Myths over and over as a child, I’ve never studied Ancient Greek culture or myth in an academic setting, and I’m looking forward to re-examining the stories in an analytical and critical setting. This is also my first class expressly focusing on feminist and gender studies, and I’m glad to have that sort of focus going into Ancient Greek literature. Stories with such age behind them should be remembered and understood as well as possible; at this point it would be a terrible shame to lose them to time or misinterpretation.


When I’m at home in Atascadero, CA, I spend much of my free time outdoors — driving around aimlessly, lying in the sun with my dog and the neighbor’s cat, and practicing archery. This semester, however, I’m living with two friends and fellow Claremont students in northern Oregon, so there’s a lot less sun to be had, and I’ve been spending more time playing video games and watching video essays on Youtube. I have also been enjoying the rain even if it’s not as fun to be outside in because to someone used to a maximum of seventeen inches per year, any rain at all feels like a special treat. It’s been good for setting a dramatic background while listening to The Iliad so far.



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