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My name is Lauren Ziment and I am a freshman at Pomona College. I am currently undecided as to what I want to study in college, but definitely know that I will not be studying pre-med because of a very strong phobia I have of blood and the associated tendency to faint in its presence (or even when just thinking about it which is newly discovered) This may prove to be difficult considering that classical texts provide very vivid imagery in battle scenes, so we will see how this goes. I have always been interested in gender studies and think that this book is going to be a great opportunity for me to explore gender and sexuality studies in the classical texts, and hopefully to draw parallels to our current day society. Because Ancient Greece marked the birth of democratic society and many of the cultural ideals we still see in present day, analyzing gender and sex roles and looking at them in relation to today will provide for, what I think, will be some very necessary insight. Personally identifying as a feminist, I am constantly looking to expand that definition and to look past the mainstream ideas and confines for the word. By studying the ancient texts, I hope to understand more about the gender roles in Ancient Greek society and compare them with my own definition of feminism to strive to broaden my understanding on a personal level and seek deeper understanding of the meaning of true equality in gender and in sex. I hope you will all bear with me as I will probably dive into some moments of introspection in my writing. I find that it is easiest to connect older material to the present day when we look specifically at how we can see some of the things we are learning and reading about in our own lives.


Just a little bit about me to frame myself as an author in relation to the material I will be discussing. I identify as a cisgender female and use she/her pronouns. I am from San Diego, CA where I have lived basically all my life, however, I was originally born in New York City, NY where I lived for a couple of years. I am very close with my family including both my parents, my sister, and my two adorable cats. I will be playing softball for Pomona-Pitzer and have played softball for 13 years. I think that’s probably enough about me for now. I just wanted to say that I am really excited to embark on this journey and hope you enjoy reading along with me.


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