72 Final reflection – Rinny

When I thought about what could be an interesting way to reflect on the semester and the learning community we have built together, I thought one nice way to do it would be the playlist. Although the playlist wasn’t always literally tied into the themes of the class, it is one of the ways we have been collaborating as students, and just as people in general. Everyone’s contributions to the learning environment have been beautiful and incredibly meaningful, each with their own spins on every assignment that helped to inspire me and make me feel more confident in pursuing my goals as an author and learner.

I love making playlists to express myself personally, and I think the contributions to the collaborative class playlist by each student show how feelings and thoughts can be shown through music as a form of communication. I thought it would be interesting to see where there was overlap in the music. Although it wouldn’t be able to distill all of the themes of the songs, it could show some common words between all of us. I also wanted to honor all of the visual work that everyone in our class has done, so I decided to put together a Pinterest board that echoed some of the themes and the words the class decided to share with one another, specifically through the playlist but also through the different works and discussions we had.

I sincerely just want to thank everyone for creating such a collaborative learning environment. I felt very safe to share and grow as a learner and a creator, and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to hear and see the thoughts and ideas everyone shared with the class.


Love – 116

See – 68

Little – 63

Know – 59

I can – 54

Want – 42

Get – 41

Day – 40

Come – 40

Dark – 37

Feel – 36

To be – 39

To you – 38

Let me – 35

Can I – 35

In love – 34

I will – 33

I wanna – 32

For you – 31

I was – 30

I don’t – 30

I am – 27

I fall in -18

Fall in love – 18

With someone new – 17


Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Copyright © by Jody Valentine. All Rights Reserved.

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