This part of the Pressbook contains materials for a seminar organized by Eos Africana https://www.eosafricana.org/ last summer. For 3/2, we will follow the guidelines from EOS READS, reproduced in our Pressbook here: https://pressbooks.claremont.edu/clas114valentine/chapter/eos-reads-suggestions-for-discussion/.  The page is password protected because Eos asked that those suggestions not be shared outside of groups actually doing the READS seminars). Please read through the reading/listening instructions on that page.  You don’t need to read all of the discussion questions in advance.  Next, read Fanon’s “On Violence” and review the Hendricks.  Feel free to use hypothes.is to annotate.  Our seminar will discuss the questions suggested by Eos, as well as our own, in our seminar-style discussion of these materials on 3/2.  For tips on successful seminar participation, see: https://pressbooks.claremont.edu/clas114valentine/chapter/student-led-seminar/.


Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Copyright © by Jody Valentine. All Rights Reserved.

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