41 Seasons


Kate Shimamoto

Helloooo everyone! This week I decided to break out the paint and create something that showed the dualism imposed upon Persephone, as she is forced from the earth down to the underworld each passing winter. I tried to express her being and emotions through colors and posture. We have linked colors with emotion throughout the semester (i.e. workshops where we talked about seeing red with anger, sadness as blue, inspiration as yellow-orange, etc) and I wanted to tell Persephone’s story through this element. The juxtaposition between Persephone and the seamless green and yellow background from the summer season, compared to the isolation of her pinks and reds in the winter season, show the loneliness and heartbreak of Persephone being stolen away from her home, her mother, her freedom and right of choice. While still colorful, a darkness is slowly creeping upon Persephone’s body in the winter season, taking from her and taking pieces of her. The flowers on her breasts are slowly dying, the white spaces between the dark landscape and her show her incredible lack of belonging and home, her neck bowed, closed off in a protective expression.


(My inspiration to paint was from tik tok, so big shoutout to the app that sucks up far too much of my time <3)



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