Critical and Creative Counter-Narratives to the Iliad

How might we draw on queer and critical race theory to create our own counter-narratives in relationship to the Iliad?


Such a counter-narrative could be in the voice of a non-dominant character from the poem.  It might imagine a subaltern character’s (perhaps unnoticed or unexpressed) experience of the events, circumstances, or a specific scene, or the ramifications of the events, circumstances, or a specific scene on a character whose experience isn’t centered in the poem.  The counter-narrative could be in the author’s own voice(s), exploring their own experience of the poem, from a radical, critical, or otherwise non-dominant perspective.  What else could a counter-narrative to the Iliad look like?

Authors may create collaborative responses or post individually. 


In the following chapters, students in Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece present their responses to these questions.




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