54 Sappho’s Modern Day Influence

By Lauren Ziment

For my more modern, pop art inspired version of Sappho’s “Dinner Party” plate, I wanted to still employ the floral imagery that Judy Chicago made central to her piece. I think that flowers and their associated imagery and symbolic meaning were obviously very central to Sappho’s poetry, therefore to have this as the prominent form for the plate was really important in my opinion. In addition, sticking to the same color palette of greens, blues, and pink/purples as Judy Chicago’s version. The change I wanted to make, instead, with my version, was to modernize its look. Sappho’s poetry and themes were so ahead of her time and are still as powerful and influential, even fragmented, today. By making her plate rooted in patterns and bold colors, I wanted to encapsulate and shed light on how insightful Sappho’s writing was and how she really still serves as a modern icon today. Also, I just thought it was too fun of an opportunity to let pass by to make a vagina plate lol. In true Soren fashion, the clitoris had to be the pinnacle element of the piece as a little homage to him. Hope you guys like it!


Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Copyright © by Jody Valentine. All Rights Reserved.

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