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You can use Pressbooks.com to create ready-to-publish ebooks, print books, and webbooks for any purpose. In order to remove ads from your ebooks, remove watermarks from your print books, and make your webbooks open to the public, you’ll need to upgrade your files. In this section, we’ll cover

What’s Included When You Upgrade

You can always register and try Pressbooks for free, then upgrade when you’re ready to publish.

Gain access to the following features when you upgrade to a Pro Plan:

$19.99 Ebook Pro Plan $99 PDF + Ebook Pro Plan
  • Remove ads in EPUB
  • Remove ads in MOBI
  • Option to make webbook public
  • Watermark-free ebook cover exports
  • 25MB of storage
  • Remove ads in EPUB and MOBI
  • Remove watermarks from PDFs
  • Option to make webbook public
  • Watermark-free ebook and print cover exports
  • 250MB of storage

How to Upgrade Your Books

You can follow these steps to upgrade your book files on Pressbooks.com:

  1. Click on Upgrade in the left sidebar menu in Pressbooks
  2. Select either the Ebook Pro Plan or the PDF + Ebook Pro Plan by clicking the red Upgrade button at the bottom of its block
  3. Enter the payment information for your valid credit card and complete your purchase

How to Redeem a Discount Code

  1. Sign in to your Pressbooks account.
  2. Access the book you want to upgrade.
  3. Click Upgrade in the left sidebar menu
  4. Next to Coupon Code, enter the discount code you’ve received
  5. Be sure to click VERIFY to activate the code
  6. Continue with the Upgrade purchasing process as normal


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