50 Typography: Hyphens

Hyphens and Hyphenation

In the Apperance –> Theme Options –> PDF Options settings page of Pressbooks, you can set your hyphenation preferences for your PDF theme: hyphens on or off.

In the case that you have hyphens enabled, but you see some “bad breaks” (hyphens where you don’t want them), you can address this in the following way:

  • Go to the TEXT editor.
  • Identify the word or group of words that you would prefer not to break with a hyphen.
  • Add the following markup:
<span class="no-hyphens">words where I don't want hyphenation</span>

This will apply the css class no-hyphens, which is defined in the CSS as:

p.no-hyphens {
hyphens: none;


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