11 How to Upgrade Using a Discount Offer

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to upgrade using a Pressbooks discount code.

Why Should I Upgrade?

Upgrading to PDF+EBOOK Pro removes the watermarks from your book files, and unlocks more storage and our cover generator tool.

How Do I Redeem a Discount Code?

  • Sign in to your Pressbooks account.
  • Go to the book you want to upgrade.
  • Click Upgrade in your Pressbooks project dashboard.
  • Enter the discount code from your email.
  • Be sure to click VERIFY to activate the code.
  • See your discount, click upgrade and make your payment!

What Do PDF+EBOOK Pro Upgrades Include?

  • MOBI ebook files (to publish on Amazon)
  • EPUB ebook files (to publish in other ebookstores)
  • PDF interior files (for print-on-demand at KDP & IngramSpark)
  • 250 MB in storage space (for images)
  • Option to make your webbook public
  • Watermark-free cover file exports from Pressbooks’ cover generator

What is Pressbooks, and is It Right for Me?

Pressbooks is a DIY online platform that you can use to generate ready-to-publish book files easily and affordably for print and ebookstores. Learn more in our FAQ


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