49 Re-Imagining the Goddess

by Amelia Hahn

My final project for Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome seeks to re-imagine the idea of the goddess through art. After hearing class feedback and incorporating ideas from many of my peers, I have completed four drawings depicting variations of the ideal goddess. They are all gender neutral/queer, and each represent four different takes on what the ideal deity might be. The first drawing experiments with combining masculine and feminine appearances in God Uses They/Them Pronouns. The second depicts a non-white female-bodied human standing in front of what may be a flower or the sun, their hand outstretched in An Invitation. The third represents the duality of masculine and feminine divine energy, incorporated into one face, their thoughts pouring out in swirls in They Think. In the final drawing, a female-bodied nude deity stands powerfully, with hands on hips and gaze directed upwards in They Stand.

While this project begins to explore the idea of a “perfect deity,” it does not definitively define it or come to one conclusion surrounding what the ideal goddess or deity might look like. In reality, there is no perfect deity. As we began to discuss in class, religion may not be necessary for society at all, and there is no way to truly ensure that all people in the society where an “ideal deity” is worshipped are equally respected. My hope, however, is that these drawings may be empowering and hopeful to viewers who are not used to seeing such humans in this sort of position of power.

I’m very grateful for the input and assistance of Jody and my classmates throughout this process, and I have loved putting these together! This was a wonderful thought experiment for me. I hope you enjoy looking through these.

God Uses They/Them Pronouns


An Invitation


They Think


They Stand




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