This OER Subject Librarian Tool Kit has been designed to support subject Librarians at The Claremont Colleges with the tools and skills they need to confidently talk about, find, use, and help faculty with Open Educational Resources (OERs). To do this, the book has been broken up into major sections covering important aspects of OERs.  In this tool kit you will find information about the following:

I. What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)?

2. Examples of Open Textbooks and Materials

3. Why Would Faculty Use OER?

4. Does OER Really Work?

5. OER and Student Success

6. Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons

Finally some resources are provided in the Appendix to help you answer tough questions, and present to your faculty and stakeholders about OERs.


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OER Subject Librarian Toolkit Copyright © by Jennifer Beamer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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