How Can Subject Librarians Help?

As Librarians we want to help.

  • Every semester the library purchases one copy of all required Course Readings (if the faculty request us to).
  • Print copies are made available for 4-hour checkout, which allows as many students as possible to have access (as many as use the service);
  • e-copies with unlimited multi-user license is available. This kind of license allows users to download and print out sections of the book without restrictions.

However we know that this is not enough!

  • Students tell us they need more access
  • In light of moving online, we don’t have access to e-versions of everything (some textbooks don’t have e-versions we can purchase)
  • Students are marginalized by having to identify themselves to faculty as not having bought the text book.

Many faculty are unaware that there are other options to traditional textbooks available to them one option is OER.



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